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Greg Lauren on Dressing Kanye West and His Latest for Fall 2015

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

For all you urban nomads out there, Greg Lauren has a collection for you. The designer showed his latest for Fall 2015 yesterday evening and if you thought his aesthetic was anything like his uncle Ralph’s luxe preppy vibe, think again. Deconstructed ponchos, rip and repair denim, long, sweeping dusters and oversized scarves were the name of the game here. Indeed, you got the feel of a very stylish traveler, the type who would rather stay at a remote treehouse coven than a resort chalet. 

Throughout the show, it was easy to see why Lauren’s buzz is growing and why he can count tastemakers like Kanye West – whom he dressed for the Grammys – as fans. We were already feeling the clothes, but when we dropped by to chat with the designer backstage and felt his jovial, open, passionate spirit, we couldn’t help but like him even more.

theFashionSpot: So tell us, what was going through your head when you put this collection together? 

Greg Lauren: I love, love, love figuring out how to explore this artistic nomadic spirit that is about individuality each season. I told the models beforehand, “You are all my warriors, but you’re fighting for creativity and individuality.” That’s what this is about. Expressing yourself and using iconic references to actually create a diverse group and a diverse style, so you can’t quite pinpoint whether it’s the past or the future. Is it a certain military reference or – what is that? That’s what I try to do is blend the artistic and nomadic spirit.

tFS: And it certainly came through. Kanye West actually recently wore some of your designs to the Grammys. That must have been a big moment for you.

GL: We made him a beautiful velvet jacket and velvet pant – not unlike mine – but he wore it under a little-known designer named Balmain [laughs]. But he was amazing to work with. Obviously, I don’t know him personally, but to me, he is the benchmark of bold, artistic creativity. I loved what he did in his fashion show, I thought it was a really strong show and was very excited about that. Honestly, when they called for us to make something for him, I was thrilled about that.

tFS: We noticed you showed both strong men’s and women’s looks. They’re holding Men’s Fashion Week in July, do you think you’d be interested in showing then as well?

GL: I’m absolutely open to it. Generally [men’s and women’s fashions] are both equally important to me. I don’t separate my men’s and women’s look other than the fit. It’s the same spirit and the same story that I’m trying to tell. It’s more about the message. I see people wearing my stuff equally as men and women. But I would absolutely love to devote more focus on showing the fuller scope of what I do for men’s. I put 20 looks in this show, but I feel like what I have to say in menswear totally deserves its own show. 

tFS: What are you doing when this craziness is all done?

GL: I can’t wait to spend some time with my beautiful wife Elizabeth and my adorable 2 1/2-year-old son Skye. No matter what that looks like – if we go to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles or we go spend a few days on the beach. I just want some family time.