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London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

In some ways, it feels like London Fashion Week is still gearing up, but in forum members’ eyes, it has already overshadowed NYFW. Thread after thread in the forums are praising one collection after another. And when forum members find something not to love? It tends to be pretty minor, so even the misses aren’t so bad. Here’s a look at who they loved and who they weren’t as crazy about so far.

The Hits: Simone Rocha, Mary Katrantzou, Gareth Pugh. Images via IMAXtree.

The Hits: Simone Rocha, Mary Katrantzou, Gareth Pugh; Images: Imaxtree



Simone Rocha

“Yesssss! She’s getting better and better and it’s delightful to witness. Plus, I’ve been missing dark romanticism on runways lately. It seems like not a lot of designers dare making quiet but intrinsically spectacular collections like this anymore. I love every bit of this. So good!” [Psylocke]

“Sweetness, I love this, and that it has its own feel in an age where every collection looks so similar.” [HeatherAnne]

“I love what she does precisely because she has her own thing going on…yes influences from her father and Rei [Kawakubo] flow into each collection but she punctuates it with her own sense of youth (and I love that she always incorporates a distinct historical period into her pieces).” [Fiercification]

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Mary Katrantzou

“Loved this collection, it felt very versatile. There was a strong Prada vibe and those hard, sculptural tops were gorgeous!” [Nepenthes]

“I’m so happy that she’s maturing to be such a versatile designer and that her prints/clothes can also work in the everyday world.” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

“This is most def a departure from her previous collections. She is proving herself as a designer and moving away from being a one-trick-pony. This risk certainly paid off and this is still her, with a more minimalist, emphasis in construction approach. I just adore it. The color palette is spot-on!” [ultramarine]

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Gareth Pugh

“WOWOWOWOWOWOW! Love Gareth and his work, so refreshing and different. He has utilised the colour black in so many different ways here!” [Nomar]

“Bow down to Gareth. Very strong collection. Very political (war in the Ukraine/Isis/Yemen), but also full of historic references – and in the end just very beautiful & modern.” [FashionFanatico]

“I am in love with this! I love how it feels historic yet modernly political. It’s just impressive. It’s very haunting in the best way ever. The coats are impeccable. The fur is everything (is that fur or hair lol). Even though it’s weird to admit, but I must say that I am enjoying the darkness of this collection. There’s something evil about it, but it is in the most fashionable way ever. If I see women wearing this I’d be like ‘these women are up to no good!’” [MON]

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