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London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

London Fashion Week has officially come to a close, but at least we’re left with the memories of all the good, the bad and occasionally ugly collections. Here’s a look at the brands that soared and foundered (according to our forum members) in the latter part of the week.

The Hits: Christopher Kane, Giles, Erdem. Images via IMAXtree.

The Hits: Christopher Kane, Giles, Erdem; Images: Imaxtree



Christopher Kane

“He can do no wrong in [my] eyes still. He can get all thematic, and arts-and-crafty, and still have a completely wearable and desirable collection, unlike say Rodarte. The Egon Schiele-esque lace dresses he closed with are EVERYTHING.” [HeatherAnne]

“I love it! There’s something organic about everything – human forms, lightning, rain, flowers, clouds, water, stones. And the colors are so rich. Great collection, with so much interest!” [Not Plain Jane]

“I was played and I love it! I loved how the first few looks were stunningly simple and then it went to crocodile prints to the blues then back to basic simplicity and then ended with those printed dresses. Fantastic!” [MON]

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“It’s wonderful! From the black shiny lipstick to the bejewelled tree prints, to the bows and ruffled collars, it’s very romantic!! Swoon. It reminds me of Kate Bush singing ‘Wuthering Heights’… ‘terrifyingly sweet!’ That’s my tagline.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I love a dark, Victorian collection. This is no exception.” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

“Really really loved this. I was definitely surprised how much I liked this. Love the dark gothic feel to it from the clothes to the makeup and I thought the prints were freaking amazing.” [Nomar]   

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“I absolutely love most [of] this. I don’t understand the middle part with the tweed and awful leopard fur coats…but the first part with the metallic dresses and the last part with the intricate flower details are amazing. I especially love the gradient looks.” [mistress_f]

“Not a typical Chinese inspired collection, and a lot of beautifully done pieces, it’s such a good show.” [Pricciao]

“I really, really love the color palette of this collection. It’s incredibly lush! The metallic accents in the patterns, the embellishments, and the use of laser cut-outs are overall phenomenal.” [Moofins]

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