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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

The first batch of Italian collections have walked down the runway and forum members weren’t shy about sharing strong words of love and hate. Like London Fashion Week, there was more to like than loathe. Here, Moschino could just have easily made it onto our list of the top collections. Take a look at the collections that got forum members buzzing.

The Hits: No. 21, Prada, Fendi Fall 2015 runway images

The Hits: No. 21, Prada, Fendi; Images: Imaxtree



No. 21

“Strong and beautiful shapes and colors for women; interesting textures that meld classics with something new; luxurious feel to the fabrics; and thoughtful separates. No gimmicks, no reliance on styling and casting to push a new identity – there’s not a whiff of anything contrived, just quiet confidence for the self-assured women. Just supreme from head to toe.” [Phuel]

“I’ve always been a fan of Alessandro’s aesthetic and this is no different. I love how he constructs complicated pieces of clothing which, when styled right, look like elaborate basics and feel effortless.” [dodencebt]

“I love the fact he introduced some more intriguing and quirky silhouettes while staying true to his aesthetics.” [mackos]

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“I love the sort of ‘vintage clothes presented in a futuristic environment’ thing going on, it almost felt as if Wes Anderson had directed 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also I loved how happy Miuccia seemed during her bow, it lasted longer than her previous peekaboos, so that must be good.” [dodencebt]

“I loved every single look. It definitely felt like a bit like Miu Miu but that didn’t bother me. Those dresses with the gloves were everything.” [Nepenthes]

“It was like what a young princess would wear in a retro-futuristic planet. 50s Couture in hyper speed. Prettiness in an artificial world. So, SO good.” [Marc10]

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“I actually really love this, too. I agree that Fendi is pretty underrated for what it is. I do tend to either love or hate a Fendi collection. This one is pretty flawless – amazing fabric choices, super modern and interesting cuts and silhouettes and awesome accessories. He totally nailed it with this one.” [Psylocke]

“I am constantly blown away by what Karl does at Fendi. This collection was no exception. Quite creative by Karl’s standard and exceedingly modern without being too forward.” [ogepma]

“This was amazing, love how Karl is putting the collection together and the transition of the colors and fabrics going for something very soft and clean to hard fabrics.” [zacatecas570]

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