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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Ah, Paris Fashion Week. The place where all the sartorial magic really happens. This is the week when artistry reaches true highs and forum members are more than happy to either gush about or scathingly tear a collection apart. Here’s a look at the best and worst standouts thus far.

Paris Fashion Week three models on runway

The Hits: Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, A.F.Vandevorst; Images: Imaxtree



Dries Van Noten

“Exquisitely elegant, as usual. Although his prints are sometimes very far from my very own style/personal taste, I always end up lusting after everything. The details here are amazing, the cuts (especially the skirts and the outerwear), the styling… hell I even love that fur coat towards the end… everything just screams elegance.” [mistress_f]

“This collection is a triumphant fusion of colors, prints, and textures as only a savant like Dries could achieve. The genius of this collection is how the old world oriental prints were elegantly melded with contemporary design, not succumbing to becoming a caricature of eastern dress as it would have under a less refined hand… This collection gets my vote for best of the season so far. A truly brilliant tribute to inventive design, craftsmanship, and cerebral fashion.” [VogueDisciple93]

“Exquisite! Just when I think he’s exhausted his design vocabulary, he’s found a new way to express his classic motifs… can we give a hand to the incredible styling here as well?! J’adore.” [softgrey]

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“Alber just outdid himself! This is utter perfection and I just cannot comprehend how the man manages to better himself season after season.” [Chanelcouture09]

“By far his best collection in recent years. This is absolutely STUNNING!” [Marc10]

“Gorgeous… you just can’t go wrong with horseback riding references. This reminds me too of Dries in some moments but it’s busy in such an exquisite way, it doesn’t feel exhausting like Dries’ womenswear feels to me lately. Agree it’s the best he’s shown in a long time.” [MulletProof]

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“The first time my heart has raced all season. Beautifully constructed from head-to-toe. Swoooon, it’s sexy as hell!” [HeatherAnne]

“I’m so glad there is a general focus on their more tailored stuff this season rather than all their draping because I find the draping hard to maneuver in the real world while their leather goods and tailored items are always sharp and clean and strong… this is one of my fave collections from them – ever… from head to toe.” [softgrey]

“Just adore their masterful balance of predatory, turn-of-the-century vixen and fairytale, surrealist muse, with just the right amount of menace. They’re such skillful, disciplined designers who can spin wonderful, playful concepts into supreme designs that flatter the wearer – and maybe makes one dream. The fact that they’ve turned a cheap, disposable mask into something almost fetishist, really inspires me.” [Phuel]