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Spanish Blogger Gala González on Her New Jewelry Collection for TOUS

Gala González

image via Gala González

Leandra Medine and Fendi, Bag Snob and DKNY, Fashion Foie Gras and Coach…the list of brands collaborating with fashion bloggers for limited-edition collections keeps on growing. The latest collaborative launch comes from jewelry and accessories brand TOUS and renowned Spanish blogger Gala González. Not only is the jewelry collection versatile and seasonless, it won’t break the bank.

Gala tells us that the recently launched Gala for TOUS collection is inspired by ancient Greece and earthly stones, which translates into a covetable organic collection. It includes pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets crafted of sterling silver vermeil or yellow and rose gold. The pieces have an irregular finish that is reminiscent of the natural textures, combined with unique gemstones faceted into irregular shapes, including rutilated quartz, emerald, ruby and brown diamonds.

We chatted with Gala to find out more about the collection and her popular blog.

theFashionSpot: What inspired you to start your blog?

Gala González: It was something that stumbled upon me. I liked to snap pictures of my looks when I was in university and people seemed to like them. I started to get more and more feedback from my surroundings and slowly started building bonds with brands.

Gala for TOUS collection

Gala for TOUS collection; image: TOUS

tFS: You have a tremendous following. Can you elaborate on what you think was instrumental in building that following?

GG: Just keeping true to myself and my values. Don’t try to become someone or something you’re not just for the sake of it or because it’s trendy. People value the truth and that’s solely what you should provide them.

tFS: How did your collaboration with TOUS come about?

GG: It was something that I wanted to do for a long time. I had a sketchbook full of inspirations and little drawings. When I met up with Rosa, Marta and the rest of the TOUS team in Barcelona, we realized that it was a great match. We share the same values and way of thinking. It was just a very organic experience that blossomed really fast. 

tFS: Can you talk to us a little bit about the process of designing your TOUS collection? How involved were you and where did your inspiration come from?

GG: It was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was involved from the very beginning in all the steps of the process. My inspiration came mainly from ancient Greece and earthly stones. I wanted to create a really organic and easygoing jewelry line.

tFS: Any favorite pieces?

GG: I couldn’t pick just one piece, but rings for me are a key item, I must say. We use our hands every day as a means to express ourselves and our feelings, therefore they should convey our personality.

tFS: Any tips for styling the collection?

GG: It’s a collection that you can mix and match with anything. You can style some jeans and T-shirts adding some jewels to add a little edge to the whole look or add it to a black halter neck dress, for instance, and provide some sort of boho flair to it.

tFS: Have you always had a passion for fashion?

GG: I guess it runs in the family, they are all related to the fashion industry somehow. I’ve always liked dressing up and putting things together to appreciate the outcome.

Gala González red dress

image via Gala González

tFS: What keeps you excited about “dressing up?”

GG: Just the thrill of seeing what the outcome will look like. You might start with a very clear idea in your mind at the very beginning and then come up with something that has nothing to do with it, but that actually looks great!

tFS: Photography is a huge part of your blog. Any tips for taking a great picture?

GG: Good light is the basic. Also, taking into consideration different angles. It’s very important to avoid the unflattering ones.

tFS: Any hair and makeup tricks you can share for someone looking to look their best in a photo?

GG: Keep it simple; less is always more. I’ll never get tired of that mantra.

tFS: What are your fashion and accessory must-haves for Summer 2015?

GG: Long, flowy dresses, strappy sandals, crossbody bags and hats.

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