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Hailee Steinfeld in Givenchy Spring 2015

Hailee Steinfeld in white Givenchy dress with black boots. Model wears same dress on runway at right.

Images: Judy Eddy/ and IMAXtree

Hailee has been a fashion darling since she broke out in True Grit. But like any other teenager, she’s prone to a style slip-up or two. At the Billboard Music Awards, the fashion culprit was not her modified Givenchy dress, but the way she styled it.

The makeup worked well enough, but her ponytail was just a little too tight and we can’t ignore the boots — the boots that either should have been runway high or ankle-grazing low. The mid-calf style looked weird. The kind of weird you can’t take your eyes off of for all the wrong reasons.

Not her best, but she’s young. There’s still hope for her next appearance.