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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2015 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

From Karl Lagerfeld erecting a spectacular Chanel-themed casino in the middle of the Grand Palais to Fendi staging its debut couture show, Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris has been nothing short of eventful. With sheer delight comes some disastrous disappointments, however, and our forum members weren’t afraid to single out this season’s hits and misses.

Paris Haute Couture Fall 2015 Hits

THE HITS: Maison Margiela, CHANEL, Viktor & Rolf; IMAGES: IMAXTREE


Maison Margiela

“Incroyable! So many well executed ideas. I love how eclectic it all is, everything is just superb. The detail work is fantastic. I feel like John is getting to grips with Maison Margiela, while bringing his own signatures to the house, it’s exciting. The best show of couture season by absolute miles!” [jescajade]

“What a marvelous collection! I can also feel the noble/peasant vibe from this. The lavender field is fabulous. What I love the most about his clothes are actually he understands how to construct and the proportion. Every single piece here looks perfectly fitted and in right proportion.” [TaylorBinque]

“Just incredible. Haute couture has been missing this type of energy. Everything has become static and normal and there is this need for a bit of insanity. This collection is chaotic and crazy, yet controlled. I love that camel/mocha color dress with the chartreuse strap and the blue dress with the ropes … too many things I love. Also, I think a lot of it is wearable as is and you can make a huge statement wearing it. So excited!” [Salvatore]

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“The best Chanel collection in years.” [MDNA]

“I actually don’t mind this. There are a lot of beautiful pieces, especially that patent leather motorcycle jacket on Fei Fei. I also loved the addition of celebrities at the tables, quite subtle and yet glorious.” [dodencebt]

“Well this is a nice surprise! Probably the least gimmicky Chanel collection of the last five years!! And the celebrities at the casino set is really glamorous, I think. It photographs very well and everyone looks great!” [dior_couture1245]

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Viktor & Rolf

“I quite like this. For some reason I don’t find it gimmicky at all, just interesting and beautiful.” [arlekindearrabal]

“This concept is truly amazing, love the idea. I think the frames look very good as garment, it gives a structure to the silhouette.” [Emmanuelle]

“This was absolutely incredible. I loved the concept of the show and their idea of changing a look on the runway. The shapes and exploding silhouettes were so interesting and beautiful!” [Nepenthes]

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