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The Newest Victoria’s Secret Angels Talk Beauty Secrets, Fitness Tips and Who’s Tying the Knot

New Victoria's Secret Models Celebrate Body by Victoria 2015 Campaign

New Victoria’s Secret Models Celebrate Body by Victoria 2015 Campaign; Image: Courtesy

A crowd of eager onlookers gathered in the heart of Manhattan on Tuesday as the newest Victoria’s Secret Angels descended upon Times Square. The VS beauties were on hand to celebrate the launch of the latest Body by Victoria campaign, which is the first of its kind to feature all 10 of the models together. We caught up with a couple of the newly crowned Angels to find out the secret to looking runway ready. 

theFashionSpot: What’s the one item in your beauty bag you can’t live without?

Jasmine Tookes: I’m the beauty product queen. I love a really good moisturizer. I’ve always used Johnson & Johnson baby oil. My skin is baby soft.

Kate Grigorieva: Me, too! I only moisturize with oils

Sara Sampaio: I travel a lot, so my skin gets really dry and tight. Regular moisturizers weren’t working, so I tried face oils. They’re amazing. They’re not too oily and they help your skin recover quickly.

Jac Jagaciak: Eau So Sexy. It’s a great fragrance!

Elsa Hosk: I actually like the Body by Victoria. It’s a little beauty collection that complements the bras. I also like the Eau So Sexy scent. It was my first campaign for VS, so every time I smell it, I think of the fond memories that go with it.

tFS: What’s the secret behind picture perfect clear skin?

JT: Washing your face no matter how tired you are! And rose water works really well.

EH: I really like cleansing my skin with oils. I use carrot butter. Or I like argan oil or coconut oil because it heals the skin.

JJ: Yes, I was going to say coconut oil, too. I’ve also heard avocado oil is good, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

SS: I use clay masks. They’ll dry out your blemishes and keep the inflammation down. 

New Victoria's Secret Models Celebrate Body by Victoria 2015 Campaign

New Victoria’s Secret Models Celebrate Body by Victoria 2015 Campaign; Image: Courtesy

tFS: OK, fess up. How do you really get runway ready?

EH: Lots of workouts and healthy eating. Jac and I both do boxing. She just started and she’s killing it!

JJ: We travel a lot and we don’t always know our schedules, so it’s hard to plan ahead. I don’t get workouts in every day, but I try to find classes on my days off or call my trainer and ask if he has free time. I’d say I work out about every second or third day.

JT: Lots of water, plenty of sleep and gym time. I don’t have a trainer, but I go to Pilates or barre classes.

KG: Yes! Only Pilates.

SS: If I need to get in shape fast, I’ll run. I can bounce back in two days. Otherwise, I’ll do resistance training and modelFIT.

tFS: Any summer vacation plans?

JJ: August is slow, so I’m going to take a whole month off and go back to Poland.

EH: I’m the same! Maybe because we’re both European, but we want a whole month off in the summer. My American friends think it’s crazy, but it’s just what we do! This summer, I’m going to Sweden, Spain and Greece.

JT: I’m leaving this week to go to Copenhagen, Denmark for 10 days.

SS: I have a wedding in Florence. It’s my first time being a bridesmaid!

KG: I’m in a wedding, too. I’m planning it.

SS: What? You’re getting married? I didn’t know that.

JT: Congratulations, I didn’t know that either!

KG: We’re getting married in Russia this August and I’m wearing a Zac Posen gown!