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One for Your Fashion Radar: Tori Michaels London

All design students dream of launching their very own fashion label one day and that’s exactly what London College of Fashion graduate Jodie Fleischmann has just done. After working on the womenswear design team at Ted Baker for two years, she’s decided to go it alone and launch the label Tori Michaels London. The 20-piece debut collection features all of your must-have wardrobe staples, from dresses to matching shorts and top combos.

So, what makes this new fashion label so different from the rest? It’s designed with the sophisticated urban woman in mind who has outgrown the usual high street brands and is looking for quality and style that doesn’t cost the Earth, but merits a little bit more of an investment. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that price points range between a very reasonable £50 and £185.

Fleischmann’s debut collection is now available to buy online and has already earned that highly sought-after Arcadia seal of approval as it launched as a fashion concession in Topshop’s iconic London flagship store. We’re loving the look of this new label, so we decided to catch up with the designer and ask her a few questions.

theFashionSpot: What inspired you to leave Ted Baker and set up your own fashion label?

Jodie Fleischmann: Since I was a little girl, I used to cut up old clothes and make outfits for my sister and me. From the age of seven onward, I always said my dream was to not just be a fashion designer, but to have my own fashion label. I felt that the time was right in my career to go out on my own and try to achieve my dream of starting up my own label. I didn’t want to keep saying this is my dream, but do nothing about it; I wanted to go out and chase it and make it a reality.

tFS: How would you describe your fashion label?

JF: Tori Michaels London has been created for the woman who has outgrown most high street brands. She wants to own pieces that are elegant where the quality is important and that pay attention to detail. Nothing costs more than £185, so the price point is still at an attractive amount for the working fashionable woman.

tFS: Who would you describe as your perfect customer?

JF: The Tori Michaels woman is chic, stylish and elegant. She loves how simple and timeless the shapes and palette of the collection is; she is investing into a piece of clothing for life, not just for the season.

tFS: Do you have a favourite piece in your current collection?

JF: I have many favourite pieces in the collection, but if I had to choose, it would have to be ‘The One and Only Gown.’ I love how the dress is so sophisticated and chic, however, it just shows enough skin to make it sexy in a subtle way. This is the ultimate dress to wear as a wedding guest.

tFS: How important is social media for launching your new brand?

JF: Social media is essential. You can constantly keep followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updated with new pieces that you are launching and where to buy them. Along with exclusive sneak peeks, of course! You are almost able to build a relationship with your customers and communicate personally with them, which was never an option a few years ago.