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London Fashion Week Spring 2016 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

3 models walk fashion runways in London

The Misses: Mary Katrantzou, Erdem, Christopher Kane; Images: Imaxtree


Mary Katrantzou

“She hasn’t been original nor interesting since, I don’t know, 2013?” [perhydrol]

“This is what you call the New York-ification of London Fashion Week, I’m noticing it more and more this season and it’s not just the usual suspects. Some designers are blatantly not even trying, preferring to take ‘inspiration’ from elsewhere. Shame really.” [jescajade]

“Hmm not sure how I feel. Her textures/prints this time look way too busy.” [RedSmokeRise]

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I am always a sucker for their melancholic romance, but this falls very flat for me.” [Moofins]

“He needs to evolve more, at least previous shows had more craftsmanship. This is very dull and looks less expensive.” [gossiping]

“Very sad dresses.” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

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Christopher Kane

“I hate it. Everything is bad and I don’t see Christopher in it. It’s a no-brainer without any background which is really sad, because even his bad collections had a cool story behind them. This is just awful and messy.” [perhydrol]

“It’s a bit all over the place, sometimes very messy and with a lot of unnecessary details. I miss his more focused collections, when he didn’t make an effort to be different and bold. He is an amazing colorist but he is losing himself since the Kering thing. Some great items like the lace coat, the destroyed embellished knits and the puzzle part but not a very good show.” [Lola701]

“Kane has definitely felt very autopilot for a while. It’s almost as if he’s only allowed to create these pretty little dresses with just enough of a quirky surface treatment to classify it as a Kane design… But gone are the collections of Kane’s with real subversion, real stories, really weird and provocative fabrications, lurching and lurid colors, deliciously horrible prints and patterns…now it’s all very PG.” [dior_couture1245]

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