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London Fashion Week Spring 2016 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

3 models walk runways for Gareth Pugh, Versus, MM6 Maison Margiela

The Misses: Gareth Pugh, Versus Versace, MM6 Maison Margiela; Images: Imaxtree


Gareth Pugh

I like creepy, but this is just messy and truly distracting – and the majority of the clothes are just not good.” [mistress_f]

“Disco nightmare!” [gazebo]

“It was kinda nice to see him break free from his usual darkness for a change, and I quite like the Leigh Bowery, Chelsea club life vibe. I just wish the clothes were… better. One of the qualities of Gareth is that his clothes are always a spectacle, so rich of craftsmanship. But this time they looked so cheap, so lazy. A bummer.” [Marc10]

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Versus Versace

“It’s so basic, boring and lifeless. Vaccarello is too weak for Versus, he can’t create a strong attitude. The whole collection was so limited in terms of silhouettes. I’ve seen that before.” [perhydrol]

“All black is just so cliche. I’m so bored and tired of it. I want the loud prints that Versus was known for and want to see Vaccarello get out of his comfort zone. His small usage of prints was almost close but it’s still too little, careful, and almost blackish.” [krncandi]

“I really hate those prints…what he is good at is shape. I wish it was all black and white, that would have been amazing.” [gossiping]

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MM6 Maison Margiela

“These make the models look huge. Imagine them on a regular consumer.” [masquerade]

“This is why the word ‘fugly’ was invented.” [Not Plain Jane]

“It’s so gimmicky in the worst way possible… If this is the direction they want this line to be, they should just close it right now.” [Lola701]

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