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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

Paris Fashion Week has come to a close. The overall verdict from forum members? Meh. They’re a tough crowd to please — so much so that some of our hits could easily have landed among the misses. Here’s a look at how the final round of Parisian collections stacked up.

The Hits: Sacai, Valentino, Saint Laurent; Images: IMAXtree

The Hits: Sacai, Valentino, Saint Laurent; Images: Imaxtree



“So much graphic goodness, playfulness and also a sense of thoughtful craftsmanship – and still versatile to make it all a woman’s own.” [Phuel]

“Pretty. I like how each sequence evolves through incremental repetition with shifts and similarities creating both coherence and uniqueness. And those shoes!” [Not Plain Jane]

“Always pushing the boundaries, continuing to hone her skill and craft whilst still creating functional, practical and interesting collections. Can’t wait to see it in motion, her clothing really comes alive then!” [TheoG]


“This is absolutely gorgeous. Very delicate, intricate work on the dresses, especially at the end. It’s really beautiful and desirable.” [StoneSkipper]

“So ridiculously stunning. Really, there’s nothing left to say, just beauty all around, from start to finish. They always deliver.” [Marc10]

“Immune to the gowns with the loud prints but this is such a beautiful collection… as I was scrolling down most of these pieces seem like the kind of gem you buy just because it’s special and it has function and you save through generations, it’s so identifiable but rather timeless too in the way it’s all crafted.” [MulletProof]

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Saint Laurent

“Some pieces are really, really good and pretty… But classic pieces like a tuxedo or a trench are great, clean and timeless. Hedi [Slimane] designed the best slip dresses of this season imho.” [perhydrol]

“It looks like he actually designed something this time (sort of). And it looks like he’s nudging away from Rock N Roll and is moving towards his minimalist roots from the Late ’90s. I don’t mind this one bit.” [Mutterlein]

“I think the whole Haute Couture revival did him good, this really feels much more mature and feminine, and less teen. There’s much more options for a customer that perhaps couldn’t quite squeeze in his previous collections. There’s a touch of decadence and poshness that feels truly YSL. I quite love it all.” [Marc10]

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