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Nicky Hilton: The Inspiration for My Handbag Collaboration with Linea Pelle, Plus What I Carry in My Purse

Transitional clothing is a concept I was inspired by for my handbag capsule collection with Linea Pelle. I wanted to create a line of bags that can take you from day to night. Every girl needs a versatile carryall and that’s what my collection is all about.


Discussing my #NickyHiltonxLineaPelle capsule collection

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Perhaps one of the most versatile bags in my collection is the Waldorf Canteen crossbody. It’s got a round shape and a strap so that in the day, you can sling it on your shoulders, but at night, you can rock it like a clutch. I’m also obsessed with my Chateau Satchel. It’s a doctor bag style and it’s a shape I love. I don’t see very many people carrying doctor bags, so it’s a unique piece that I adore so much. If I had to only choose one bag to use for the rest of my life, that would be it.

I love all things cats so of course my bag collection is full of leopard printed pieces. I love leopard because it’s stylish, it’s cool, it’s classic, it’s timeless – it’s never going out of style. I didn’t want my bags to be of the moment, I want you to be able to wear them years after buying them. The print can be intimidating for some people, but it’s so easy to pair with the right colors. My favorite way to wear my leopard pieces is with something in army green, like a jacket, jeans or a scarf. Black and leopard is a classic, red’s a little sexier, but army green is such a cool combination with leopard.

I love to carry my bags around (I photograph them all the time on my Instagram) because they fit everything I need. If you open up my bag, you will usually find an iPhone, my Blackberry (I still have two phones!), Rosebud SalveNicky Hilton: the Inspiration for My Bag Collection, Plus What I Carry in My Purse, bronzer, a little travel size of my favorite perfume, Quelques FleursNicky Hilton: the Inspiration for My Bag Collection, Plus What I Carry in My Purse and then some kind of candy, like gummy bears, a small camera and a pen. You never know when you’ll have to write some good ideas down.

You can shop my Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle collection here. What do you carry in your bag day-to-day. Tell me in the comments!