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21 Questions with… Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller; Image: Getty

Whether you’re familiar with fashion or not, chances are you’ve heard the name Nicole Miller. Since launching her eponymous womenswear brand in 1982, Miller has become a household name — known for graphic prints and smart dresses. Today, her empire not only includes her core collection, but also a lower-priced spin-off called Nicole by Nicole Miller and a popular bridal line that caters to women she says aren’t too “froufrou.” 

Lucky for us, Miller has signed on as our October guest editor — in between showing her Spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection and readying her latest bridal offering. All month long she’ll be sharing style tips, favorite recipes and much more. But first, let’s find out how well you really know the designer. 

  1. When I get dressed in the morning, I think… I can’t wait to get to the office and see what I can create and design today — it’s like every day is a new beginning.
  2. If you’d look at my phone you’d see… lots of apps. They’ve made life so much easier. Between the news, Uber, Waze and photo apps, I am constantly upgrading and staying informed.
  3. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… capelet dresses — enough already!!
  4. I’m dying to splurge on… some new sexy lace-up evening shoes for fall.
  5. The last thing I googled was… Tarifa, Spain, the kite boarding capital. It looks awesome, but maybe a little too crowded for my kite boarding skills.
  6. When it comes to picking models for my show… I love finding the new It girl the first season before anyone else.
  7. If I weren’t in fashion, I’d be… a restaurateur — probably not the head chef, but certainly involved in the food.
  8. My life motto is… never say never.
  9. You’d never catch me wearing… a big logo bag or logo jewelry.
  10. If I had one extra hour in the day I’d… read more books or see more movies.
  11. The last great book I read was… The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It really stays in my mind even though I have read many books subsequently.
  12. My favorite restaurants are… Da Silvano, Indochine, Waverly Inn and Khe-Yo.
  13. I like to de-stress by… playing Absolutely Nasty Kakuro; I like the super challenging ones.
  14. My secret talent is… cooking! It’s my hobby in any case, but I am also a pretty decent water skier and snow skier — love the board sports.
  15. The one thing I can’t live without is… salt. I like Celtic salt, Himalayan salt, any kind of exotic salt.
  16. My current Netflix addictions are… Person of Interest and The Blacklist.
  17. The best gift I ever received was… a vintage Claude Montana jacket from the 80s. I don’t get to wear it often, but it is a treasure.
  18. My beauty essentials are… Laura Mercier lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury mascaraBy Terry foundation and Erno Laszlo skincare.
  19. On a Saturday night, I’m… either at a dinner party or having a stay-at-home-and-cook night.
  20. My greatest achievement is… staying an independently-owned business and my son, of course.
  21. One thing you’d be surprised to know about me is… I was born in Texas!