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Binx Walton Gets Real About Modelling: ‘The Industry Loves New Robot-Like Girls with Shit Attitudes’

Binx Walton x Superga

Leona “Binx” Walton has more to say about the fashion industry than what she thinks of Kendall Jenner’s modelling career. She is, after all, one of the worlds most in-demand models right now with Fendi, Alexander Wang and Hugo Boss campaigns under her belt, a chill outlook to boot, and an interest in more than runways and photoshoots.

We’re talking about the Tennessee native breaking out into other areas of the scene, like her latest collaboration with Italian footwear brand Superga. Not only did she help produce the four-piece capsule collection, she also had complete creative control with her vision for the campaign, choosing everything from casting to hair, makeup and location.

We caught up with the model in her role for the collab, to talk about her new voice on the scene.

theFashionSpot: The Binx x Superga collection is your big design debut. Congratulations! Were you nervous about what people would think about the collection?

Binx Walton: Thanks, and, yeah, a bit (laughs). I work with a lot of people that are amazing at what they do, so to cross over into their lane and accept the fact that they were all going to see it was nerve-racking. Everyone loves to talk.

Binx Walton x Superga

tFS: You were also able to direct the vision of the campaign and chose models you felt were personable. How important do you think it is as a model to bring something more than just looks to the table?

BW: 50/50 really. I think it’s really important because of the energy brought on set with girls who are out there and comfortable in their own skin. It makes for not only a better atmosphere but also a better end result. But the industry loves new robot-like girls with shit attitudes because they are plain and fit in any concept or collection, which is fine but just a bit dull and those sets are usually mad boring and stiff. It’s really what floats your boat.

tFS: Is this something that differs between runway and campaigns?

BW: Not entirely. Each client is different and each casting director is different. Sometimes we have all new girls at shows and they’re timid or stuck up, but, either way, don’t talk much. Or a show where there are all big girls and celebrities which ends up being a bit too crazy. And then there’s shows like Proenza [Schouler] that picks girls for who they are, and those are the fun ones cause usually everyone’s chill.

Binx Walton x Superga

tFS: Do you feel as though models have more of a voice in the fashion industry now, like collaborating with the design process, than perhaps they did in the past? Why do you think this is?

BW: I’m not sure really, because back in the day models could do and say whatever; it was more free. But in the past 10 years everything has gotten really stiff and now I feel like it’s getting to be how it used to. More people are willing to speak out and don’t really give a [censored] what the reaction will be.

tFS: You’ve been coined “Modelling’s cool kid.” How do you feel about that description and how do you perceive yourself in the modelling industry?

BW: I’m chill with it, could be a lot worse. I try not to perceive myself as one specific thing or, in general, I just am out here trying to do my own stuff and make a way for myself.

tFS: How would you describe your style?

BW: I would try not to…

Binx Walton x Superga

tFS: Would you say that the styles you created for Superga reflect your own personal look?

BW: Yaaaaaaas. I have worn each and every pair from my collection and will continue to as I made them for me. Simplicity.

tFS. You’ve been in the modelling industry for some time now. What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced since you started?

BW: My view on the industry and the people in it. Most are snakes with amazing stage presence and they know how to play a room. People like you for who you are in the eye of the people not for who you are as a person. I was exhausted from it all until I realised I only have to play it on occasion.

Photos: Devyn Galindo/Superga