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Rare, Raw and Ready to Wear: Our Day Three Wrap of Australian Fashion Week 2016


In the thick of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, we saw unique designers showcase their rare, raw and ready to wear stylistic approaches to their runway shows. Wednesday was weird, wonderful and wacky as the designers upped their game and brought fashion to a new meaning. There was a heavy focus on luxe looks, majestic beauty and rebellious sparkles. This time designers really wanted to evoke distinct feelings from the audience, be it acceptance, appreciation and pure happiness.

CMEO Collective Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

C/MEO Collective Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

Just like their cool, calm and creative designs, C/MEO COLLECTIVE upped their game by utilising the runway as an interactive stage, whereby the audience was scattered throughout the front, sides and centre, enabling the models to showcase the clothing at every possible angle.

The directional prints, premium fabrics and bold silhouettes stayed true to the designs signature look. Each garment had its own story to tell as the brand is renowned for its wearable innovation as the creations run deeper than just clean lines and trendsetting fashion. This show proved that when in doubt, wear white, as the simplicity and elegance of a bold white outfit proved to be the most stunning of all. Not to mention, you can’t go wrong with the designers favourite outfit being white, layered and frilly. 

Photo by Ashley Mar

We Are Kindred Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

First impressions are always difficult, but fashion week firsts We Are Kindred proved otherwise. It was the designers and sisters Lizzie and Georgie Renkert’s runway debut and their performance was perfection. The “Stealing Beauty” inspired theme came to them organically, after designing floral prints and metallic textures with beautiful fabrics and collating their favourite film featuring Liv Taylor, who happens to be their main muse.

It’s all about sexy, pretty and feminine. Think innocent beauty, and imagine divine elegance. From the floral runway décor, with the enchanting touch of a musical harp, the collection celebrates harmony and symbiosis. It depicted a mixture of easy-to-wear fabrics, modern silhouettes, unique embellishments and exclusive prints, that ensured the fashion-forward woman be able to transition effortlessly between any occasion, day or night.

After 30 years of experience the girls say it’s a tricky and cut throat industry to crack, but they’ve developed a deeper knowledge of how to succeed in the fashion world. You can see that both girls know what they’re doing, and it may be because of Lizzie’s extensive experience in fashion.

Despite the fact that she is usually on the other side of the spectrum, being the former editor of women’s magazine Madison, she knows how to work a crowd and give the audience their feed of fashion. You can expect to see more from the Australian duo, as they’re intending to start wholesaling in the US and opening a pop up shop in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Paddington.

Emma Mullholland Runway / Photo by Ashler Mar

Emma Mullholland Runway / Photo by Ashler Mar

Emma Mulholland’s collection was out of this world, literally taking you to another planet with her “Inter-girl-actic” inspired theme. The clothing was alien inspired with an eccentric, rebellious and sparkly focus that really shone like no other fashion performance seen before. Emma Mulholland proved that she wasn’t a runway rookie as she delicately designed a jaw dropping line of clothing with a killer show to match it.

They say three times a charm and that was certainly the truth for Mulholland on her third fashion week show, as the models strutted their stuff for a crowd larger than life. When the lights turned off the neon light space ship illuminated the room as did the eerie music. The young designer’s show was more than just a runway collection, it was a masterpiece and true work of art. The designs featured space-age outfits, sequins, planet prints, metallic shoes and lots of glitter. 

From Kanye West, Azealia Banks and MIA, some of the biggest celebrities in the world have featured in the unique brand and there’s little surprise that Emma Mulholland has big plans for her future collections. The models featured in the show were edgy, cut throat and rebellious just like their outfits.

From blue hair, to mullets, nose rings and tattoos, the clothing matching each individual girl in their own misfit styles. A must see is the designers very own favourite piece; a denim dress with crystals. This brand is beyond cool and unlike anything you’d expect from MBFWA.

Di$count Universe Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

Di$count Universe Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

There’s always that one that stands out of the crowd, and at fashion week, Dis$count universe was in a league of their own. Design duo Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James launced their brand in 2009 and ever since, the Melbourne girls have seen the likes of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, M.I.A. and Kimbra feature in the acid-bright luxury street-wear.

This year, the essence of the label displayed their evocative designs, imagery, and the dialogue between them and the world. The runway was a unique experience that saw the models engaging with the brand throughout their rough, raw, rude and real runway walk. 

Di$count Universe Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

Di$count Universe Runway / Photo by Ashley Mar

It’s evident the brand has its own personality spontaneity, humour and imitation. With one of the favourite looks being the metamorphosis jacket, which features a tailored and structured fit with intense hand-embellishment over the entire garment.

Covered in graphics of butterflies, birds, roses with thorns and barb wire, the jacket screams style, with heavy duty hardware of eyelets and rings on the collar, sleeves, and hem for the DU runway aesthetic. This paired with wonderfully wacky jewllery really enhanced the look of a desire to transform fashion and turn clothing into statement pieces in an artistic way.

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Photos: Ashley Mar for theFashionSpot Australia.