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Resort Report: 101 Best Looks From the 2017 Collections

Whether you call it cruise or resort, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the collections are chock-full of must-haves. No longer strictly designated for getaways (back in the day, the in-between collections were actually marketed exclusively to retailers), these offerings have become fashion house mainstays showcasing some of the best coats and gowns of the season. While the fashions aren’t meant simply for those embarking on holiday, several big names opted for destination presentations with Chanel traveling to Cuba, Louis Vuitton heading to Rio de Janeiro and Gucci invading the halls of Westminster Abbey.

Designers played with pattern and texture for Resort 2017, often navigating a fine line between just enough and over the top. Sculpted details also proved popular as did bright colors, 3-D accents and, of course, the persistent see-through trend (seriously, will it ever be put to rest?). For the best of the Resort 2017 (aka Cruise) collections, scroll through the slideshow above. No passport required.