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13 Rising Fashion Influencers Who Are Going to Own 2018

True, there’s still a Hadid face staring back at us from seemingly every magazine page we turn, but the fashion world isn’t as insular as it once was. Each year, we’re greeted by an explosion of new — or at least relatively new — faces on runways, billboards and magazine covers. Some of them, per tradition, are the sons and daughters of pop culture icons and industry folk. Others, like Yasmin Geurts and Leyna Bloom, grew up far outside the fashion capitals and made it their business to get discovered.

Here, we’ve gathered together 13 fashion and social media pros who are on the road — career, following and style-wise — to having the best year of their lives. Some have been slowly working their way up the ladder for years, others just broke out on the scene. Whether they’re vets or neophytes, whether their entry into fashion’s communal consciousness feels fated (because genetics) or it’s their unique style and Instagram skills that got them here, these are the top fashion influencers for 2018. Know them, follow them, draw #OOTD inspo from them.

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