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H&M Accused of Ripping off Australian Musician Harvey Sutherland in New Ad

Swedish fashion giant H&M has been accused of ripping off Australian musician Harvey Sutherland in a recent advertisement.

The Melbourne producer took to socials today to accuse the company of using his song ‘Bamboo’ in their new video for H&M Magazine’s feature on blue jeans, without his approval.

Sharing screenshots of his interaction with H&M’s Instagram account, Sutherland wrote, “Yo H&M maybe send me a message when you get a sec?”

The screenshots also show the official H&M Instagram account commenting that the song used in the clip was “specifically produced for us to use in this add [sic]”. Sutherland can be seen telling H&M to message him so they can “make a deal”.

You can watch the blue jeans ad above [UPDATE: The ad has since been removed. Details below.], and then compare it to Harvey Sutherland’s ‘Bamboo’ down below. TheFashionSpot has contacted H&M for comment.

This isn’t the first time H&M has caused controversy with a musician this year. Back in January, Canadian singer The Weeknd parted ways with the company over a “deeply offensive” advertisement featuring a black child model.

UPDATE: H&M has now removed the blue jeans advertisement, and has issued the following statement to theFashionSpot:

“We apologise and have now removed content featuring the music from all of our social media accounts. We are also in direct contact with the artist.”