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As we make the transition from our Fall/Winter gear into the spring, our black clothes addiction is slowly set aside. Currently, baby blue is helping us ease into the floral and pastel prints that every sunny season brings us. W Magazine featured a beautiful spread this past month, with accented hints of the blue trend. Once a major magazine hosts a fad, its only a matter of time before the masses pick up and play up high fashion ideals into their regular wardrobe.

An "It trend" is not about convenience as much as it is about an innovative moment of splendor, grabbing the attention of the fashionista audience. I first recognized the "It" status of baby blue when I came upon Lime Crime’s baby blue lipstick called "No She Didn’t". Lime Crime, designed by Doe Deere, is promoted as a line of unwearable makeup colors high in pigment. If you ever assumed that there wouldn’t be room for inconvenience during a recession, Lime Crime proves otherwise. When high fashion makeup artists such as Lottie Stannard take a liking to your maquillage, its only a matter of time before the rest of the respected editorial world will incorporate the product.

Candace Ang’s Holiday Resort Collection 2010, includes "The Flight Necklace". Baby blue feathers bring an ethereal quality when wrapped up against a thick chain. Its elegance can spice up any jeans and white t-shirt combo, and it retails for $295.00 on

The U.K. based brand "Strumpet and Pink" is an extravagant line full of fantasy like panties embellished with hand detailed design. Above is the "Midsummer Maiden" adorned with raw edged silk chiffon blossom’s enhancing the backside. A true lingerie lover will surely wear any of the brand’s luxuries beneath a sundress any day of the week this spring.

Topshop has hopped on the blue band wagon as well, stepping it up a darker notch. Their "Meadow" collection in their spring look book displays models in pastels and floral print dresses with a darker shade of blue painted on their lips.

Rock the blue trend, or simply admire it from a distance.