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5 Trends From Miami Swim Week 2019 You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere Next Summer

Along with powerful sunblock, tiny or embellished shades (depending on what’s in this time next year), a good book and an outsize straw hat, confidence will be a necessary accessory next summer. According to the designers at Miami Swim Week 2019, showing a lot of skin is once again in, this time from top to bottom. So better have a waxing professional on speed dial if you’re going to try next year’s top swimwear trends.

We’re talking plunging one-pieces more revealing than bikinis and bikini bottoms that are so tiny, they’re almost nonexistent. On the flip side, rash guard-style suits were in great supply, though they’re not exactly designed to keep you safe from scratches, scrapes and the sun while you ride the waves. And if you love extra accents, no matter how unnecessary or cumbersome, 2019’s swimwear trends will have you covered.

Scroll through the slideshow to see the five major swimwear trends that made a splash at Miami Swim Week 2019.