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Around the same time that it finally became official that Martin Margiala is no longer designing his eponymous label, and in fact has not been for what majority stake holder Renzo Rosso called ‘a long time,’ the house seemed to gain momentum with its degree of appeal to the mainstream public. Odd timing, to say the least (especially odd is the seeming endless appeal of the brand’s bi-toe boots). 

Just a few short months ago, a large Maison Martin Margiala section was set up at the Limited Edition Experiences space in Miami, a space that was billed as the younger, more fashion forward sibling of Art Basel. Fittingly, with the label’s Miami presence, Renzo has recently been quoted as saying that the brand is ‘focusing on young, realistic energy for the future; this is really Margiela for the year 2015.’  What does that mean in terms of the couture collection that was shown for Spring 2010? A short, but sweet 11 piece collection of pure fashion as art.

Among the stand out pieces were a red gown that was worn upside down, leaving the model wearing a bustier in place of a mini skirt, and vice versa, with the whole thing covered in a veil (actually the tulle skirt).  Then there was a trompe l’oeil jumper made out of a vest, pants, and boots (the boots looked as if they were part of the pants, and the top looked as if it was attached on the sides of the pants, making the whole look appear to be a one-piece), all of which were done in a cream color accented with bits of yellow and covered in pearls. Additionaly, there was a caged motif that figured prominently with plenty of feathers, bead work, degrade colors, ruffles, and flowers.

Artful? Yes. Entertaining? Certainly. Wearable? Perhaps if you’re Bjork.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.