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New York Fashion Week is all about ready to wear, and Haute Couture is a Paris exclusive. But one thing NYC has over any other fashion capital is the costume designing duo Phillipe and David Blond. They are known for their "Diamond Corsets" which are concocted out of Sworavski crystals and chains.

MAC cosmetics snagged their pieces for the Viva Glam campaign two years back, using Fergie as their poster girl. Since then, Pop Princess Katy Perry has sung and danced around in their crystallized creations on stage for the Grammy’s, which gave the mainstream public a taste of The Blonds, while Italian Vogue shot Karen Elson wearing their garments in an editorial, keeping the high fashion prestige alive.

Their last Fashion week show was Spring ’09. Designers Christian Louboutin supplied the shoes for the show, while jeweler House of Bastion lent their gems to the show. The season following, The Blonds took time off from showing, but contributed to the 50 year anniversary show for Barbie. They sent a model down the runway wearing a custom look made especially for the legendary show, in the company of other famed designers, including names such as Anna Sui and Diane Von Furstenberg .

The Blonds have definitely taken a strategic outside the box approach to fashion. They’ve hosted parties such as their denim launch, with models decked out in their wears . The annual "Macy’s Flower Show" invited the duo to adorn in-house mannequins using an array of fresh blossoms. Phillipe and David Blond have collectively shown the industry there is a mecca of opportunity to flaunt talent beyond the tents and off the pages of a glossy magazine.  Read on for a few pre-show questions…

The Blonds have won the Ecco Domani award.  What do you plan to do with the money, and how much is the award going to help fund your show?

Phillipe and David: We are so incredibly honored that Ecco Domani and the esteemed panel of judges decided to award us this season with the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award.  In light of the economic situation, we thought it practical to scale back the last few seasons, and opted not to do runway presentations, except for Vienna’s Life Ball last May. There are no words to describe how thankful we are to have the opportunity to show this season, and to participate in the joint show at Bryant Park as well.

Tell me a bit of the design process. Who is in charge of what, or is it an organic interactive process?

David: It is very organic in a way, we’re inspired by so many things – mainly music, film, and women in general.  Phillipe and I will come up with an idea or mood and sort of fit all these pieces together to create a collage. Technically, I fall into the role of Creative Director and Phillipe is the Head Designer and Muse of every collection.

What does 2010 have in store for your brand?

Phillipe: Hopefully winning the Ecco Domani Award is a sign of great things to come!  There are a lot of things happening in the coming year.

Favorite fashion moment to date?

Phillipe: Dressing Rihanna in Head to toe 24k Gold spikes and Swarovski crystal.

David: Covering Katy Perry in crystallized fruit for the Grammy’s last year.

Is there anything you’d like to let the fashion world know before you show this season?

Phillipe and David: For us, the season is all about Gratuitous Glamor, confident and powerful women, and jewels!