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Gorgeous lace leggings paired with knits woven to look like south of the border prints blended together effortlessly. Printed chiffon dresses were wrapped with brocade fabrics and layered over soft silks. You could see the signature Rodarte look in these designs but it was on a whole new level. The crochet details were elaborate masterpieces on their own, and it’s amazing to see how much these two women can accomplish in a season.

At the end of the line-up, the lights went dim, and the models’ melted, candle-wax shoes lit up to illuminate their sleepy walks. The finale closed with long, white gowns with unfinished hems resembling beautiful, distressed nightgowns. Besides producing an outstanding collection, it looks like the design duo learned how to present an amazing, theatrical show as well.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.