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Karen Robinovitz: Fashion & Beauty Maven

Karen RabinowitzRecently, I attended a small, all-day event that was held for a select group of bloggers to celebrate the launch of fashion, beauty, and social media maven Karen Robinovitz’s new cosmetic brand, Purple Lab, and the brand’s first product – Huge Lips, Skinny Hips.

During the all-day affair, we learned what inspired the bubbly maven’s various glosses – from the Red Sole shade, named for her love of Christian Louboutin shoes, to Kitty Poledancer, named for her affinity for pole-dancing at S Factor.

Along the way, Robinovitz kept mentioning that her ultimate dream would be to sell on HSN.

In fact, the mere mention of "HSN" made her light up and smile, so it’s wonderful to see her dreams come to fruition. As a testament to how talented, smart, driven, and also how great her products are, it took less than a year from her brand’s launch date to ultimately making it onto the home shopping network channel.

I’ve met Robinovitz on a number of occasions, and am consistently impressed by how much she has on her plate.



She is the most dynamic multi-tasker I’ve ever met, and successfully juggles building her brand with an active social life. Whether she’s tracing the process of building her brand on her blog, or planning a Twitter event, there’s no question that she’s a media aficionado who knows how to generate buzz. I would highly suggest following her moves and reading her blog if you have any interest in building your own brand, whatever it may be (



For their HSN debut, Purple Lab hosted a party at Meet in Manhattan, which was aired live at different times on HSN during one of Robinovitz appearances.

At the same time as the Meet party, 25 bloggers across the country, each of whom were given “party in a box kits” connected to one-another via Skype to talk and try on the various Purple Lab products.



In addition to Huge Lips Skinny Hips ($22), Lashionista Modelista ($26.50), Cheek Implants ($24), Silk Sheets ($28.50), Luvah ($22.50) and Luxury Squared ($24.50) are also now available from Purple Lab.