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Moschino is one of the reasons I wanted to get into fashion. Growing up in Manhattan, I would wait every morning for the M2 bus to take me up Madison Avenue to my school, and my bus stop just happened to be right in front of what is now La Perla, but was once the flagship New York City Moschino store. Every month the multi-level boutique would switch their windows, and I remember being mesmerized by all the statement clothing and unparalleled originality of their window dressers.


Alhough I don’t wear Moschino all that much anymore, I have a vast collection of everything from flower-printed blazers and scribbled heart nylon tops, to safety pin-covered bags fashioned into a peace sign, and cow-print pants from past collections. In fact, I am so in awe of the brand that I’m planning a trip to Milan in April just to stay at their soon-to-be-opening hotel, Maison Moschino.

In light of their new hotel, in the Italian fashion capital’s Viale Monte Grappa, Moschino had Pixie Lott perfom, while Asia Argento (who happens to be married to my best friend’s brother…check-out The Fashion Spot’s Twitter to stay up-to-date on any gossip), DJ’d the Rosella Jardini-designed show. The models walked out holding one fabulous shopping bag, purse, or suitcase after another to mimic “the different women who come out of the hotel.” Among the most memorable, a shopping bag with the word “Full” emblazoned on it.

Overall, this season’s Moschino Cheap & Chic show displayed the house’s signature cheekiness, humor, and wit at its best – with light-hearted ruffles, layering, patterns, a fabulously over-sized rosette detailed dress, and some maid-inspired outfits thrown in between.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.