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The next best thing to vintage is vintage-inspired, and buyer Tiffany Porter knows both well. She teamed up with designer Alex Shulhafer in 2009 to create the “nostalgia-inducing environment” that is Greenpoint’s Old Hollywood boutique.


Don’t live in NY but still want to peruse their treasure-stocked-attic selection of jewelry, accessories, clothes, pin-up style swimsuits, and whimsical housewares? A pared-down collection can be found on their website, If you do get a chance to visit them in real life, you’ll be dazzled by the many store-exclusive pieces that made it New York Magazine’s pick for “Best Jewelry.”

If you’re stuck perusing via cyberspace, don’t worry. Browse under the “one-of-a-kind” tab for necklaces with unique baubles like a tiny Spanish sword or an engraved antique watchcase. Minute branches, cameras, clasped hands, butter knives, and bear traps (yes, bear traps) all make for distinctive pendants by up-and-coming designers inspired by times past. 

I can’t explain why I want it so bad, but their Great Lakes Prisms (appropriately placed under the “For the Home” category, because what home is complete without a prism?) are indescribably fascinating glass pyramids, each containing beach sand, feathers, stones, driftwood, and “other natural wonders.”

Old Hollywood can be a bit pricey for us die-hard thrifters – but they let you search their website by price, so if you stick to the “under $50” category, you won’t even have to look at the jewels you can only dream about owning.


Images courtesy of Old Hollywood