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In a sea of designers Roland Mouret has managed to carve out a niche for himself as the go-to designer for sleek, sophisticated, fitted monochromatic cocktail dresses. His dresses are instantly recognizable, and his work is in no small part responsible for the success of Victoria Beckham’s dress line. It’s an unfortunate truth that for every ten people who say they love Beckham’s line, only one person knows and can appreciate the Mouret influence (which, for her debut collection, was so strong some hypothesized that he even designed it).

This season, however, the designer expanded his offerings beyond the fitted, structured, minimalist looks he’s known for, and delved into fluid draping, appliqué, fur-lining, and even some hooded looks.

Every designer needs to evolve, and the road isn’t always an easy one, but Mouret is an incredible talent, and it’s very exciting to see that he can go out of his comfort zone and still deliver so consistently. Especially when working with bold colors – namely fuchsia – for fluid non-tailored looks.

Even when showing simple silhouettes – many of which were belted at the waist – the beauty in Mouret’s pieces are the subtle details, whether it be off-the-shoulder pleating or an extended collar.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.