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Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the luckiest designers in the world. He gets to express himself through his designs, which range from the utterly wearable to the downright kooky, all the while enjoying both critical and commercial success.

I always think back to the Sundance documentary The Day Before Jean Paul Gaultier, as it’s very easy to forget how cerebral Gaultier is because one can get so mesmerized by his unparalleled (especially for a French designer), bubbling personality. The couturier in Gaultier, however, was strongly evident in the designer’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection, full of endless bells and whistles.


This season, the designer melded a slew of ethic and cultural references for a bold mix of color, patterns, and textures – all I can say is, at this very moment there’s nothing I want more than to walk outside with a towering turban on my head!


In fact hats – in all shapes, sizes, heights, and colors combinations – provided the finishing touch on several African, Russian, Mexican, Western, and Asian-referenced looks. The designer combined signature elements like blanket coats and tailored trenches with harem pants and cowboy boots for a vibrant and layered collection.

It may be hard to appreciate the wearability of many of the pieces presented because of the typical JPG mashed-up styling (which seems to be becoming more and more, unfortunately, like that of Westwood’s collections).  However, when studied individually, there were plenty of appealing looks, including checkered blazers, belted leather jackets, drapey cuffed at the bottom trousers, and hooded cape coats.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.