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It sounds like it was a slow drop. Ungaro must have known right after that fateful fashion show that they wanted nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan, but avoided humiliation for Lohan by not immediately ditching her.

Ungaro isn’t exactly going into details about their relationship with Lohan, but they were clear about her influence over the design house’s latest collection. Before their show in Paris the other day, their creative director told Women’s Wear Daily, "She’s not involved in this collection." He declined to say more, but we don’t really think he had to.

Lindsay was actually in Paris during Ungaro’s show, but didn’t even show up. Can you say that ship has sailed? If they still had any type of relationship, you’d think she would at least be there supporting Ungaro.

When asked about last year’s bad reviews, designer Estrella Archs said, "You have up and downs and you learn a lot, more from the downs than from the ups." We’re guessing Lindsay Lohan was a major down?

Hopefully Ungaro fares a little bit better with their new collection sans the help of the starlet.

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