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Designers are back to being obsessed with fur, and they are having a frenzy with it. Although some may have shown off animal friendly faux fur options, most of them chose to use unique trims, dip-dyed, hood and cuff options of the real thing. Paired with business wear, evening wear and designed into sporty day looks, designers experimented with options on how and where to use it. Colors were vibrant and dramatic, silhouettes were modern and interesting, and the shoulder trend is still going strong into the next season. An animal lover myself, this is not a trend I will add to my Fall 2010 lineup, but a Stella McCartney “pet friendly” option is something I can definitely get on board with.

Collared shearlings in cozy colors dress up a sweet day dress at Marc Jacobs.
Beautiful neutrals are complimented by a soft, oversized fur bag at Christian Dior.
Zac Posen loves to please his high-society women, and he just might next season with this mini fur overcoat and matching boots.
“Fake” has never been a word associated with Chanel, but leave it to Karl to take faux fur to a new level with this head-to-toe look in grey.
Fur vests in loud colors completed Isaac Mizrahi’s ladylike looks fit for the outdoors.

Yes, summer is around the corner and we could all use the sunshine, but get excited for Fall 2010, as the season will be filled with comfy, stylish options to keep you looking good while beating out the cold.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.

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