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There’s a perverse satisfaction to be gained from teaming the quintessentially modern with the embodiment of quality and style of days gone by, of having the best of both worlds.  Of course, at the moment, the latest and greatest is Apple’s iPad.  And while one’s default inclination may be to swaddle it in ultra-modern aluminum or rubber casings there are other, more classic, options out there.


A good example of which is the iPad cases from of Los Angeles-based designer Steve Opperman of Temple bags.  The concept behind Temple is to re-work the past. “My creative outlet at the time was sewing, and so I made a book bag from a dusty, smelly, stained, and ripped up piece of canvas which I had found a few weeks earlier,” Opperman said, describing the company’s beginnings. “After finishing the bag I took a step back and thought about how I had taken this useless fabric and re-formed it into something beautiful, valuable, and purposeful.”

Available in either full leather or a combination of leather and military waxed canvas, these cases offer functionality – a padded shoulder strap, vertical and horizontal viewing stand options, and an internal pocket – with classic materials that will only grow more beautiful over time.