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There are so many regrettable celebrity-designed clothing lines, that narrowing it down and picking the worst is no easy feat. Personally, my vote goes to anything attached to Kimora Lee Simmons, but the Fashion Spot polled our readers, and more than half of you felt that Beyonce’s House of Dereon deserves the unfortunate title. Beyonce’s line is followed by Lindsay Lohan’s 6126, and Nicky Hilton’s Chick.

It’s hard to argue with the "yuck factor" many of you felt towards House of Dereon.  Please note, however, that House of Dereon should not to be confused with the lower-priced Beyonce line similarly called Dereon, although that one – which takes off where J.Lo left off – is equally deserving of the unwanted title. The line is stocked with cheap-looking Marchesa and Carmen Marc Valvo knock-offs, making the designs not only unoriginal, but downright tacky in many cases.
The worst part is that even in the photos where Beyonce is pictured in the frocks, they don’t look flattering.  You’d think that if they were going to put the songbird in a mini, ruched, ruffled, strapless dress they could at least make it look like it was the right size to avoid having her bust out the top.
As for Lindsay Lohan’s line, the leggings don’t bother me all that much, although why anyone would want to pay three figures for anything associated with Lindsay Lohan is beyond me. Lohan must be doing something right, though, because 6126 will be expanding with a full-on clothing line consisting of 100 pieces which will be sold at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. Cosmetics, handbags, shoes, and jewelry are slated for 2011. Of course, the disgraced actress has already been accused (by Jen Kao and James Lillies) of knocking off other designer’s work.
Launched in 2004, Nicky Hilton’s Chick hasn’t been sold or shown since the Spring 2008 shows during LA Fashion Week, but apparently it has left quite the mark on the Fashion Spot readers. Aimed at the junior set, the line preceded the debut of Nicholai, which the heiresses was also unable to get retailers to carry.
So what’s the lesson here? There’s a reason few celebs are actually seen in their own designs – for the most part, they’re disappointing.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.