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It’s a common dilemma – you want to go to the gym, but can only squeeze it in at some random time in between two meetings.  You’d save quite a bit of time if you could only spend the day in your workout gear and pop in to exercise the moment you’re free, but even Lulu Lemon doesn’t make an outfit you’d really want to be seen in all day long.  Now, it seems Armani and Reebok may have the solution.


Come July, the sportswear and the couture master are joining forces for a 55 piece active-wear collection of apparel and footwear, EA7/Reebok, geared at both men and women. From the preview pictures, the line looks clean, stylish, and streamlined, but the pieces are also functional and will incorporate Reebok’s renowned sportswear technology.  Included in the collection, which retails in price from $65 for a basic tee to $190 for waterproof outerwear, are fitted tank tops and slim pants, long-sleeve technical tops, running shorts and tops, fleece hoodies, fashion-forward harem pants and tunic dresses, along with two styles of running shoes, and four footwear styles (including dress and retro styles) that will be branded under Emporio Armani/Reebok footwear.

The collection is expected to be ongoing, and will likely expand post-July. Aesthetically and business-wise the pairing makes perfect sense (a la Stella McCartney’s ongoing partnership with Adidas). Armani, known first and foremost for his unparalleled suits, gets to amp up his sportswear credibility, while Reebok gets fashion-forward points.

Now the real question – which stylish athlete will be spotted sporting the collection?

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.