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Kylie Jenner’s Most Recent Photoshop Fail

More brands, magazines and models have been embracing un-Photoshopped photos to embrace their natural state. However, we still do see Photoshopped campaigns and pictures — and while they might promote an unrealistic standard of beauty, some are so outlandish that they at least provide a laugh. If there’s one celebrity family known for their fair share of Photoshop fails it’s the Jenner-Kardashians.

Over the years fans have been quick to point out blurs and stretched-out portions of photos that were made to accentuate certain body parts of the Jenner-Kardashians. This time, fans were telling Kylie Jenner that she’s a “phony” and she should delete her latest Instagram post of a campaign for Spanish newspaper S Moda.

The campaign photos feature Jenner donning a mesh dress and fishnet stockings. Despite how stunning the campaign was, she posted a photo from the shoot onto her personal Instagram account that had an odd proportion. Fans pointed out that it was terribly photoshopped with Jenner’s right hand looking like it was bigger than her forearm.

Photoshopped assets aren’t ideal, but we’re honestly not sure how to feel about this mess-up. So far, hand enlarging isn’t a thing, so we’ll just add it to the file of Photoshop fails from this clan.

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