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21 Questions With… Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski

Image: Courtesy of The Vision Council

Brad Goreski‘s career has skyrocketed since his days on The Rachel Zoe Project. Besides a long list of celebrity clients that includes Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Christina Ricci and Rashida Jones, the celebrity stylist is now a bona fide TV personality with his hosting gig on E!’s Fashion Police. He’s also an author, releasing his memoir Born to Be Brad back in 2013. Always immaculately poised and polished complete with his signature glasses, it’s fitting that we chatted with Goreski about his partnership with The Vision Council, which enlisted him to shed light on National Sunglasses Day. Check out his answers to our quickfire questions below and you’ll quickly see why celebrities are always gushing about him.

  1. My morning routine consists of… my dogs. The first hour literally revolves around them entirely — them going to the bathroom, them eating breakfast, them sitting on my lap…
  2. My beauty essentials include… Nurse Jamie skin products.
  3. I’m dying to splurge on… futuristic-looking sunglasses.
  4. A fashion trick I swear by is… pinning the hem of my pants.
  5. One thing I’m still striving to achieve is… serenity.
  6. My fitness routine consists of… weight training, yoga and boot camp.
  7. A key to overcoming hardship has been… love.
  8. If you looked in my fridge you’d find… chicken for the dogs. I pretty much use Postmates for all my meals!
  9. What I wish I knew about being a stylist before building my business is… that it takes hundreds of emails to put a fitting together.
  10. The one career moment I still can’t get over is… having my own TV show, It’s a Brad Brad World.
  11. The celeb I’d love to give a makeover to is… I don’t know that she actually needs a makeover, but I’m going to say Adele because I would love to hang out with her.
  12. A tip for looking good in a picture or on camera is… chin down, eyes up, head tilted to the right.
  13. When I think back on my reality TV days, I think of… exhaustion.
  14. If my days had one extra hour… I’d sleep.
  15. The best place I’ve ever traveled was… Greece!
  16. The one clothing item I can’t live without is… this is so weird…I never thought I’d say this, but my cargo pants.
  17. The last thing I googled was… “trendy sunglass styles.”
  18. My guilty pleasure is… the Real Housewives franchise.
  19. The best piece of advice I ever got was… be kind.
  20. My biggest pet peeve is… people who don’t let you merge into their lane in traffic.
  21. My favorite recent fashion score is… this great pair of Zac Posen cream-colored sunglasses with smoky lenses.