20 Ways to Sleep Warm…and Coordinated

Colder temps call for more of everything: clothing, outerwear, heat, warm drinks, coziness and PJs. That ratty tank and pair of boxers you wore to sleep in the summer just isn't going to cut it. Sure, you can pull on your boyfriend's sweatpants (that he's played a hundred games of tag football in) that are heavy and cumbersome. You can dig out that pair of leggings, a little too worn out to see the light of day anymore. 

Or you can try something that's novel for the average young woman: sleep warm and coordinated. How, you ask? Women's pajama sets aren't only practical, in that they're not too heavy or too lightweight, but the sheer variety available allows you to pick the perfect look for sweet dreams. Silk and satin in classic patterns or a rich, vibrant hue is an obvious choice—and one we love!

But you might be more of a casual, thermal knit kind of girl. Call it rustic chic. It's a pair you can wake up in the homestead cabin or the city pied-a-terre. If you're obsessed with monograms (like this writer) you'll definitely want to check out Nordstrom's silky styles. We've pulled together a little bit of everything from the ultra high end (it's like sleeping in your own personal high-count Egyptian Cotton) to the affordable.