Spruce Up Your Office Space with These Chic, Affordable Accessories

Sure there's a $1200 office chair you're lusting after to perfect your office space. But is your boss likely to let you order it out of the Office Depot Catalog guarded by his secretary? No. Are you going to buy it? Probably not. Is all lost when it comes to making your space your own while keeping it professional? Definitely not.

Turns out there's scores of colorful desk accessories and office supplies with a cheeky, chic and feminine vibe that allow you to put your personal stamp on your cube or office. A set of white erasers molded into skyscrapers is a must-have and blows the old school pink erasers from third grade (that Office Max still sells) out of the water. Who needs manilla file folders and envelopes when they're available in cool geo patterns and styles? And why not display those books you bought to help you sell, sell, sell on your desk so the VP can see them when she walks by? You'll need a set of bookends for that.

You get the point. Check out some of the best, affordable accessories to start off your new year in the right direction. Now you can feel just a little more at home once you've set down your coffee and settled into the office furniture your company supplies.