Shop: Midi Dresses for Every Occasion

We love our mini skirts and dresses, truth be told. They're sexy, sassy and give us an excuse to wear our favorite heels. But there's a new dress length that's taking street style—and ours—by storm. The midi dress not only lends an air of respectability to our feminine inclinations, it also holds its own in the category of sexiness. How so?

Think of it like this: What better way to show off the most intoxicating curves on a woman, the all-powerful waist-to-hip-ratio, than to drape yourself in fabric that runs the length of your body? What can be more feminine than showing off your waist? Whether it's fit-and-flare or full on bodycon, this is the style to get you noticed in 2014. From animal print and lacy racy necklines to boho style and ladylike cuts, let your styling fantasies run wild with our picks of the best midi dresses for every occasion.