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Time to Ditch Your Analog for a New Smartwatch?

For years, the (un)official timepiece of choice for the fashion industry has been the large, chunky Michael Kors gold ticker. Its opulent look, midrange price tag and androgynous styling came along just at the right time. In the 21st century, a woman doesn't want to look too precious, and so a large timepiece that says she means business—with style—is de rigueur.  

But times change along with technology. Soon the Kors watch will be vintage and have an entirely different appeal to an entirely different set of fashionistas. What's coming next? Smartwaches, dozens of them. The biggest tech companies in the biz are working on their own versions and a handful are already on the market. Some are sporty, some attempt to be sleek. Bands are available in leather, steel and brightly colored rubber. The watch face is, of course, digital. And these watches do more than you ever thought possible. From taking voice commands and tracking your fitness to letting you stream radio during your early morning jog and so much more. Check out our picks below and start saving for one of these pretties. Should we ditch our Kors watch for these? Perhaps not completely, but the phase-out is set to begin in 2014.