Miss Marilyn Takes the Best of Bondi Markets Online


There are few better ways to spend a Sunday than by disarranging racks of maxi dresses at one of Sydney’s various markets. But if you could do it without the tourists, the early alarm clock, and the purchasing of weird trinkets to make up for the bummer of not actually finding anything, you’d probably take the chance to hit snooze.

The mysterious Miss Marilyn is a new designer consignment store that takes the thrill of bargain-scoring online. While there are less food options, there’s also no clutter, no time constrains, and no pressure. Think of the thrill you get when you pull a crisp Zimmermann blazer off a rack of leave-its and multiply that by everything in store.

Adding to the boutique experience is the fact that not just anyone can rock up with a suitcase of old denim cut-offs and start selling. Miss Marilyn describes its vendors as “fashion bloggers, models, designers, photographers, and devotees to all things beautiful” – AKA not the person who thinks $45 is a reasonable amount to charge for a fraying scarf from Target’s Neiman Marcus collection. “Featured Fashionistas” right now include Georgie from the After the Rock wedding show (who evidently has excellent taste in ankle boots) and the fashion blogger behind Sydney Sider.

The permanent vendor is the elusive Miss Marilyn herself, who just sold a “like new” $595 Josh Goot skirt for $79 (there’s still a great Zimmermann one for $54).

The selection of styles and sizes is nothing like eBay’s, but it’s an interesting place to drop in and check out every couple of weeks – especially as the inventory grows. With an overseas high street chain opening every other weekend, it’s nice to have another affordable way to ensure our closets don’t end up 95% H&M.