16 ‘Ugly’ Shoes That Are Actually Pretty Cute

The fashion world has fully embraced the ugly shoe trend for spring, and you know what? We’re not complaining. Okay, so some of what we’ve been seeing on the runway and in stores brings up memories of questionable teenage style choices (like, that time we sported green and pink Tevas with an green oversize flamingo-printed visor—worn upside down), but for the most part, our collective feet are breathing a sigh of relief now that it’s finally cool to wear shoes that you can stand in for more than an hour.

The only problem with this new comfy, jolie laide trend is that, well, the shoes are mostly ugly. Even some of the cool runway iterations of athletic sandals and running sneakers have still left us thinking—ick. Well, not anymore. If you’ve been itching to try the ugly shoe trend, but haven’t been able to find footwear that’s more jolie than laide, we’ve got you covered. Here are 16 ugly shoe options that are actually pretty cute—you won’t even think twice about buying them.