How To Wear White Without Looking Like You Belong In A Whitesnake Video

For all of its basic glory, white can actually pose quite the sartorial conundrum, and women frequently shy away from wearing white for a slew of subsequent reasons.

First off, white clothing is impossibly hard to keep clean because what food won't show up on a white t-shirt?

Then, at some point in time, it was declared a horrifying faux pas to wear white beyond the summer months.

To further drive home the point that white is truly ridiculous, try and wrap your head around this: white is the negation of all colors, but there are still varying degrees of white?


Despite its resistance to staying crisp, white (and the following neutral tones) are a major trend for spring and summer.

For anyone out there who compulsively Scotch Guards their whites, here are some tips on how to incorporate a lighter palette into your wardrobe without needing to keep it pristine.


Outfit #1:

Embellishments and fabric details create rich texture and interesting shading over the body.

Moreover, these details play down the monochromatic palette when wearing exclusively neutral tones.

Beige vest with embellished lapel by Hanii Y ($450), available at the Churchills of Mount Kisco; Cream pleated tank top by H&M ($34.95), in stores only; Beige silk front pleated pants by Brunello Cucinelli ($595).


Outfit #2

Instead of a boxy, linen tunic, try one that drapes and hugs the body.

Having more folds in the fabric will not only add texture, it'll break up the monochromatic color too.

White blazer by Carlos Campos; Cream mini skirt with pleats by Lutz & Patmos ($475); White long sleeve tunic by Silvia Tcherassi.


Outfit #3

Pair your white pieces with neutral tones like beiges, greys, or taupes.

The varying hues will offset one another to make your whites look fresher, and the neutral shades appear richer by comparison.

Off-white blazer with ruffle by Stella McCartney ($2,045); White button down shirt by Davidelfin ($200); Beige silk shorts by Obakki ($160).



Outfit #4:

Layering sheer, neutral tones helps you stay cool and on trend in the summer months.

Consider pairing a 3/4-sleeve blazer with a long sleeve shirt for a new take on proportions.

Cream blazer by Club Monaco ($169), in stores only; Blush sheer button-up by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi ($1,300), available at Curve; Gray sheer tank top by Comptoir des Cotonniers.


Outfit #5:

Although typically associated with Whitesnake music videos, white leather can do well beyond being paired with Eighties hair.

When worn in a more classic and breathable shape, the neutral colored fabric can take on a more modern appeal. Tight leather pants should be left for writhing around on hoods of cars.

White chiffon sheer blouse by Obakki; Ivory reversible tank by Lutz & Patmos ($355); White perforated leather heart skirt by Tory Burch ($595).

Photographer: Joseph D'Arco, StyleCaster

Stylist: Janice Chou, StyleCaster

Model: Alina Krasina, Ford Models

Hair Stylist: June Senkiew, Cutler Salons

Makeup: Hiroshi Yonemoto

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