Houlihan: J Brand’s Take on Military Chic

When every young starlet in Hollywood is wearing the same pair of pants, you know you’ve got the start of a new trend, ready to be swept up by the masses. This is exactly what’s happening with a pair of pants, made by the celebrity-approved designer denim company, J Brand.

Think another pair of extra-super skinny jeans just hit the market? Guess again. These new pants are a cross between a pair of legging-like skinnies, and rugged military cargo pants. Put these two influences together, and you’ve got J Brand’s latest style, the Houlihan Cargo Pant.

Ever since the introduction of military influences by French fashion house Balmain, anything cargo, camouflage, and covered in army tassels has become all the rage in the fashion world. Shops ranging from Forever 21 to the most exclusive department stores have begun to carry army-inspired pieces suited for a city girl with combat tendencies. Now, J Brand is jumping on the military bandwagon, allowing our legs to get a feel of what it means to be army chic in the concrete jungle.

The Houlihan makes wearing pants exciting again, by breaking up the monotony of throwing on the same pair of jeans in the morning.

We are living in a time when fashion is always evolving and perpetually trying to discover the new, so it makes sense that a pair of pants like the Houlihan is having a moment amongst the drainpipe pants, boyfriend jeans, and notorious jeggings that have dominated the market in the recent past.

The Houlihan is a breath of fresh air for denim addicts everywhere.

Its appeal lies in the juxtaposition of inspiration found within its design: masculine and feminine, rugged and elegant, tough and soft.

It’s a walking contradiction that has the ability to suit a wide variety of tastes because it does not limit itself to just one type of style, and it’s easily ready to be dressed up or down.

Not only is the J Brand Houlihan incredibly versatile, but it is designed with the brand’s denim aficionados in mind.

J Brand is well-known for its impeccable fit and forgiving stretchy material that never seem to get loose after days of wear.

The Houlihan gives J Brand fans exactly what they know and love in the form of something new and unexpected.

These pants fit like a favorite pair of skinny jeans, but also give us a safari adventure feel with their utilitarian cargo pockets and vintage wash.

The choice of nature-inspired colors like sharkskin, olive, and navy is also tantalizing

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing the Houlihan style non-stop.

So it’s not a surprising fact that department stores and boutiques are having a hard time stocking their racks to keep up with shoppers and their credit cards.

Even at $230 a pop, these pants are being snagged at an unimaginable rate, and it doesn’t look like the rush will be slowing down anytime soon.

What do you think about J Brand’s Houlihan Cargo Pants – are they just another celebrity-driven trend that will be worn into obscurity, or are they fashion’s latest staple piece that’s here to stay?

J Brand "Houlihan" Cargo Skinny Pants at Bloomingdales – $230.00