The Like: Girl Band Style

With two new band members, a ready-to-launch album, and a groovy 60's inspired sound, Los Angeles-based all-girl band The Like have us excited about music again.

After Charlotte Froom left the band in 2009, the two remaining members of The Like, Z Berg and Tennessee Thomas, have been on the hunt for some new band mates to round out their ever-catchy rock sound.

It looks like they finally found their match with Laena Geronimo on bass and Annie Monroe on organ. Now, The Like is back and hotter than ever.

Their latest album Release Me comes out on June 15, and with a sound tighter than ever, it's time to rediscover what the hype surrounding this melodic foursome is all about.

Not only do they make insanely cool musical beats, but their vintage-appreciating taste in fashion is also stylish.

They captivate their audiences in one-of-a-kind vintage mini dresses, funky color combinations, thigh high stockings, exaggerated eye makeup, and mod hairdos.

The Like's masterful look is superbly prim, yet noticeably edgy.


Just a glance at this fabulous foursome is like taking a trip back in time when go-go boots were all the rage, Twiggy's face was plastered all the magazine covers, and The Beatles debuted on American Bandstand.

The Like is a living example of why classic rock and pop music will live on eternally, and always be remembered as the greatest fashion and music revolution to have shaken up the world.

With a look this cool, it is no wonder that the girls are fashion favorites, worldwide.

Their artful blend of music and style defines the era that gives them inspiration, and for this they stand out from the crowd of stereotypical rock girls with messy hair and smudgy black eyeliner.

Also, they sound out of this world with their fun rock and roll sound, infused with British pop beats crooned by Berg's raw, husky voice.

Talent and looks are two key ingredients for a successful all-girl band, and it's clear The Like has it all.