Meg From Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter: Blogger Style

Meg O from Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter chats with The Fashion Spot…

The Fashion Spot: How did you get interested in fashion?  

Meg O: It’s hard to say really, I’ve always liked to dress up since I was a little girl.  Like anyone, I’ve had phases where it was less important, but overall, fashion has always been great outlet for self-expression. It probably has a lot to do with my mom and my grandmother –  both have always had great style. Hopefully some of that has rubbed off.

tFS: When did you first start your blog?

MO: I started DJRD in the summer of 2008. Though I’d been reading blogs/fashion forums (in particular, TFS) for quite a while before I decided to start my own.

tFS: Who takes your pictures?

MO: Most of the time I take my own photos using a timer or remote; Occasionally, I’ll enlist the help of my boyfriend (also know as “the Brit”) or a camera savvy friend.

tFS: What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

MO: Far too many to list here. Have a quick look at my blog’s sidebar, many of my favorites are there.  I will say lately my go tos are: The Clothes Horse, The Snail and the Cyclops, Niotillfem, Q’s Daydream, and Hannah and Landon… oh, wait and Garance Dore, Liebemarlene… see – I have to stop now, there so many great blogs out there.  I am also a recent Tumblr addict.  My Tumblr page is – it’s such a great place for all of your excess inspiration.


tFS: Favorite time of year for fashion?

MO: Very hard to pick because each season has its perks.  I suppose Fall is my favorite, because it’s not freezing, but you get to do a bit of layering. I like my layers, ask anyone!


tFS: Fantasy dinner companion(s)?

MO: Again, a very tough question! There are hundreds of historical and pop-culture figures that would be fascinating to chat with.  I wouldn’t say no to dinner with any of the Beatles, Kate Bush, Zelda & F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nina Persson, Neil Gaiman, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Austin, Carl Sagan, Diane Keaton, or Mark Twain.


I also think it would be incredible to have a dinner party with all of my favorite bloggers.  All those amazing people from across the globe in one place…now, that would be a good time!


tFS: What do you hang on your walls?

MO: Our house has different themes in each room, come to think of it. We didn’t do that on purpose, it just sort of happened.  In the bedroom, for example, I have these 1920’s French magazine covers, framed, along with sketches of flapper-era ladies. Occasionally, a pretty dress or petticoat will serve as a temporary piece of art. Thank goodness I have such an open-minded boyfriend – it’s a pretty girlie boudoir! Lucky for him, the kitchen and living room have more gender-neutral artwork (acoustic guitars, Warhol photos, a 1960’s movie poster, Beatles paraphernalia, and vinyl).


tFS: Do you pay a lot of attention to reader feedback?

MO: Yes, I definitely value my readers and their opinions. That being said, it is very rare that receive negative feedback.  The blogosphere is usually such an incredibly warm and supportive community.

tFS: What are your favorite labels and designers?

MO: Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Rachel Antonoff,  Miu Miu, Lover, Erin Fetherston, Karen Walker, Mayle (RIP), Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, and I also have vintage Ossie Clark and Charles Anastase  obsessions (luckily, I can’t act on them…yet).

tFS: What do you want to be doing in five years? How do you plan to do it?

MO: These types of questions always make me a bit nervous.  Hopefully I’ll be doing something creative involving fashion, film and/or music.  I’d also love to be able to travel a bit more.  Most importantly I want to be happy doing whatever I’m doing. How will I do it?  I’m sure I’ll figure it out – I’ve gotten this far!