Nadia from FrouFrouu: Blogger Style

tFS chats with Nadia, the blogger behind FrouFrouu, about experimenting with style, Charles Anastase, and the excitement of the upcoming fashion week.


The Fashion Spot: How did you get interested in fashion?

Nadia: I don’t really remember the point at which it entered my consciousness, but I’ve always been experimental with what I’ve worn (and it hasn’t always worked!). 

When did you first start your blog?

N: I started blogging at the beginning of last year, February I think.

tFS: Who takes your pictures?

N: A few different people, either close friends or family members. 

tFS: What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

N: I’m a little obsessed with streetstyle blogs, so an entire slew of those. Amlul has always been a favourite, along with Anywho, and Park and Cube. More recent loves include Suki Alice, and Bitter by Twenty.

tFS: Favorite time of year for fashion?

N: September and February for fashion weeks. There’s nothing quite like it – you always bump into the most captivating individuals. Personal style wise, it used to be summer. I’d long to wear light dresses, but as my style has evolved, I find myself enjoying the colder months more.

Fantasy dinner companion(s)?

N: I always struggle with this question, it entirely depends on my mood. Today, it’s David Lynch, Ellen Rogers, and Pink Panther (the cartoon).

tFS: What do you hang on your walls?

N: Huge mirrors, clocks, groups of small pictures in antique frames, and jewelery.

Do you pay a lot of attention to reader feedback?

N: I love reading all the comments, my readers are incredible and make blogging worthwhile. I want to make them all my friends.

tFS: Who are your favorite labels and designers?

N: My answer is forever changing according to my tastes, but Charles Anastase seems to be a constant. His collections are always fantastical with immaculate proportions.

tFS: What do you want to be doing in five years? How do you plan to do it?

Unfortunately, I have too many passions, but hopefully I’ll have narrowed it down to either coming to grips with my love for accessory design and/or styling. Hard work, perseverance, and probably a little fun.