The Fashion Spot Partners with IFB for the Evolving Influence Conference

The Fashion Spot is pleased to announce to our ever-growing fashion and fashion-conscious audience the International Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence conference, where we will kick off Fashion Week 2010 by celebrating the most relevant change in media production and consumption.

Fashion bloggers, you have changed the landscape of the fashion community since you took to your WordPress and Tumblr accounts, Flickr photo streams, and beautiful Blogspots.

Since 2001, The Fashion Spot has been the number one online fashion community, with tens of thousands of our users participating in forum discussions on everything from couture collaborations to editorial excellence, from runway reviews to the first-ever Fashion’s Night Out.

We’re well aware that many of you have gone on to create magnificent sites of your own, and so many remain dedicated to the community you’ve built on the Fashion Spot.

We’re excited to have Gala Darling and Yuri from, as well as other devoted bloggers, at our International Fashion Bloggers conference.

We know, from listening to all of you, that these people shape the way you think about, look at, and react to fashion trends.  We have profiled dozens of fashion bloggers on the Fashion Spot website, and will continue to report both what’s happening at “Gucci-Prada-Fendi” (as the song-of-the-summer went) as well as what we see on the streets, on the web, and on your blogs.  We want your blogs to be about youyour vision, your aesthetic, your interpretations of culture through fashion.

On Thursday, September 9th, you’ll hear from the experts themselves how and why they started blogging, and what they attribute to the success of their individual takes on global fashion.  You’ll learn from them what makes a fashion blog stand out from its million-plus siblings, and what needs to be done to keep the notoriously-fickle attention span of fashionista’s and fashionisto’s coming back for more.  All of you have the potential to become tastemakers.  There are four seasons to go before we see you again next year, and your guesses are as good as ours as to who might emerge as the beloved bloggers of 2011.

Will you change the fashion tide? You’ll find out how with a LIVE-TWEET of the INTERNATIONAL FASHION BLOGGERS conference, on September 9th.  Be sure to tune in to the LIVE-STREAM of the conference, and tweet @Fashion_Spot with your comments.

Come meet The Fashion Spot staff, and thank you for keeping us the #1 online fashion community!