Fall Essential: Standout Scarf

Nothing brings an outfit to life more than good color play and added texture. The easiest way to awaken your fall wardrobe is with a highly pigmented scarf in a fun print, be it wacky or romantic.

Many off duty models have been seen sporting colorful standout scarves around their necks, showcasing themselves as prime supporters of this accessory’s top-notch versatility.

You can wear a long scarf by itself or layered over another scarf, wrapped many times, and knotted in the front. Choose your favorite color – maybe one that is known to bring out the green in your eyes. Find a scarf in a funky vintage or wild Southeast Asian print.

Whichever route you choose to take when it comes to finding your perfect standout scarf, make sure it is colorful and experimental.

You could be wearing sweats and your ratty old denim jacket, but as long as you have on the season’s most influential accessory, you’ll look like a million bucks.

 Here are a few great picks:

Matchmaker Scarf from Modcloth – $16.99

2. Fruity Loop Scarf from Modcloth – $37.99

3. YARNZ Leopard Lace Scarf from Shopbop – $170.00

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Shadow Peony Scarf from Shopbop – $48.00

5. Lotus Eddy Scarf from Modcloth – $19.99